Meet Rai


I am so happy you’re here.

Why does a free-spirited, cowboy hat wearing young woman in New York City meditate on death five times a day – every day?

What did that girl discover, in the dark jungles of Peru, that inspired her to overcome a breast cancer diagnosis?

And how did the impact of two tragedies in 2018 – the murder of a beloved friend, followed by the death of a stepmother – reshape her purpose?

Welcome to Dying To Be Green, my little plot of lush land, created as a safe and joyous space just for you! Here, we collectively share the joy of living – and equally give voice to your questions and stories surrounding grief, loss, death and dying. We lean in, not turn away from the fact that death is a sacred part of life.

On DTBG we will get dirt under our nails exploring niches such as end-of-life midwifery, death companioning, death doulas, and the emerging but still nascent world of green burials (one of my ultimate passions!) The “death positive” movement is alive and spreading across America, and we’ll share a plethora of resources and referrals to the people, places and organizations radically altering the landscape.

The gifts of the dying are for those of us still here in the land of the living. So, if you woke up today, please remember two things:

  • You’ve been given a gift
  • And your mission isn’t over yet
Meet Rai

Eventually, I’ll be a peach tree

Meet Rai

While I do run Dying to be Green, this site is not about me. It is about us – it is ours. And I am confident that you have as much to teach me as I possibly do you.

Doesn’t the “end of life” deserve as much love and respect as the beginning? So, let’s be brave, let’s be daring, and let’s bring in more joy and creativity into this space. There’s still so much work to do, friends, and by digging deep into the rich soil of this community, I am confident we will magically create and discover wonderful treasures together!

More ‘We” please.


Rai xoxo

From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity

Edvard Munch

If YOU’re DYING TO BE GREEN Or Just ‘Die Curious’

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Meet Rai

Digging Deeper

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, almost six years ago, I flung my spirit and my body into spontaneous remission and have Mother Earth and her healing plants to thank for my second chance at life! Fast forward to the present, and while today I thrive, I am very aware that one day I will die – we all will. I use this knowledge, in my end-of-life care for others, as a tool to both educate and inspire.

The best thing about marrying together my passion for death education and life inspiration? Getting to share it with you! I have a long list of insights, tips and practical tools to help you navigate these waters. I also love highlighting the talents of those around me. And while I know that I do not have all the answers, I know plenty of people who do!

Let’s bring art, light and love into the death conversation so we don’t freak the f**k out.